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Custom is an affordable solution to your marketing problems. You’ll have access to a marketing consultant, strategist, creative, designer, and photographer who will deliver consistent content with a strong focus on building your business into a brand.
Give your business the advantage as together we can elevate your brand in the eyes of the consumer. 

We are Casey and Sarah, two creative individuals looking for small businesses with great products that need marketing and creative direction.


Casey is a photographer who has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and managing their respective social media accounts. Having maintained some of the UK’s most renowned hotels, cinemas, wine shops and bistros, he has an in-depth knowledge of the strains small businesses face and how to build effective communications when every penny counts. 


Sarah is an art director by trade who has produced award-winning work for some of New Zealand’s biggest brands at the top advertising agencies. With a background in design, her eye for detail will help you visually stand out from your competitors. She will give your small business the resources of a high-end advertising agency without the big price tag.

Together we can do cool things. 

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